Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring was here...

Boooooooo to Oklahoma weather! Beautiful spring was here and now it's freezing and snow is on it's way. YUCK!! Sophie is disappointed because she so much enjoys playing outside. And our beautiful blooms are having to put up with this nasty weather, too - sad day.
By the look of Sophie's face, she has already figured out her daddy is a goofball!

Looking pretty with her Momma Jo.

Hope everyone stays warm and cozy. And...BOOMER SOONER!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

9 months old!

Sophie is a bit mischevious. She sometimes needs some help staying on the couch. What a pretty girl.
Whatchoo lookin at Willis?
Hanging out

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RIP rat tail!

Well, we finally gave Sophie her first hair cut. She probably could have had it at 3 months, but I have just been having a hard time letting go. I know her little rat tail probably looks awful, but to me it was just precious. I loved running my fingers through it and brushing her bangs over to the side. But, I know she's my child, so of course I think it's cute. I'm sure other parents are thinking, give that poor child a hair cut. So, I present to you the before picture...sniff...sniff... And the afters

P.S. Sorry for the multiple postings. Just remember I'm going on 8+ months of minimal sleep...sometimes blogging just takes too much energy!

Another reason to not sleep

She's pulling up, and not getting back down! It's exciting that she can pull up to standing, but, Child, do it (ONLY) during the day...geeeezzz! She pulled up 5 times the other night and screamed until one of us would go in to her room and put her back down. It's not just a 2 or 3 minute scream, it's up to 1 hour long. Talk about some endurance. Maybe she'll be a marathon runner.
Is this not one of the most pathetic, sad things you've ever seen?? It really does make me want to cry.
Like the hair?? That would be my failed attempt to give her Tylenol while still in her crib. It's a nice styling gel, don't you think.

A hard day's work

Miss Priss thought she'd help daddy with the computer and printer the other day. She just loves wires, so it was very tempting for her. And, she pulled up all by herself! She is now pulling up like crazy and cruising around. She's pretty proud of herself!
A very need snack after all of her hard work. These crackers are her favorite! So much so, that she'll throw a tantrum if I won't let her have one for her lunch...I know, spoiled...

Fun visit

Sophie's Grandpa, GranAnn and Aunt Ella came for a visit. She had a lot of fun with them! And it sounds like she had a lot of snuggle time with them, too. I worked a couple of days during their stay, and I don't think Sophie missed me at all!
We went to Pops one afternoon for lunch. Sophie really wanted to try a drink of each...

They were able to watch her at swim lessons a couple of nights. On this night I was in the pool with her and she waved at them from the water. It was the first time for her to actually wave at someone, rather than just wave at the TV, etc.