Monday, September 29, 2008

We got caught!

Twice!! She's just such a fun snuggle budy!

She sleeps like her momma...with her mouth wide open!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great State Fair

We went to the wonderful, clean state fair (can you sense the sarcasm?). Our favorite part by far was the "petting zoo". Sophie enjoyed the roosters, pigs, goats, and sheep. She had no interest in the baby chicks - maybe they were too small. I had absolutely no interest in the spiders or insect display. She really, really liked the water display. She just stared and smiled. Matt made sure to give her a bath as soon as we got home - he's super scared of germs. Completely off subject, but when we met in Santa Cruz, he rode back to Oklahoma with To and me when project was over. We stopped in Vegas to meet up with my family on their vacation. Matt took 3 showers in one day. Seriously. I thought he was some kind of freak...hmmm.

3 Months Old!

...and sick. Yuck. I think Sophie has a cold and is in the beginnings of teething. What a wonderful combination. The poor thing sleeps all day, and when she's not sleeping she's screaming. But, she was good enough to humor me and take these pictures.

She's 23.5" and almost 15#!! She's sure not starving!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mmmm...Golden Corral

If you know my Giddie (g-pa), this is a really funny story. He's quite the tight-wad and hates going out to eat. I don't think he has ever taken my Sittie (g-ma) out to eat (except $1 hamburgers at McDonald's) since I've been alive. They were planning on coming up here Sunday and so on Saturday night Sittie begged him to go out to eat. He threw a fit and said he'd give her money to go eat, but he wasn't about to go. Well, overnight things changed and he decided to go with all of us. We went to Golden Corral so there would be something for everyone...and it's Matt's favorite. So, our favorite waitress was there - Becky - she's really sweet and helpful and...has a unique style.
I guess Matt thought Sophie would be interested in some coffee, but she politely refused (in her sleep).

This is an awful picture of Giddie, but he's licking his lips. I was cracking up - he kept saying how good the food was and he was so impressed and what a bargain. So funny!! He was encouraging everyone to get seconds and for Sittie to get a desert he could eat off of it without him having to leave the table - I know how his little brain works! He even wanted to wait around for a fresh batch of Cinnamon rolls after he already had one plus a desert plate.

Jo showing off her plate of 4 different deserts.

And here she is...Becky. I like to call her Beks. I asked her to take a picture with Sophie, and Becky said, "Oh, let grandma get ready." Huh?? Anyways, she was more than happy to snap a pic. Oh, we told her we were from New York so maybe she would think we were on vacation and not just crazy people that live 2 miles away taking pictures at lunch.

And here is the best picture I've seen in probably 20 years. Beks made me wait to take the picture until she had her hair perfectly thrown to the side and her hip popped just right. I don't know if I've ever seen Giddie so smiley!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lamb Chop

Meet Sophie's newest friend...Miss Lamb Chop. Sophie has really blossomed over the last 2 weeks. She sits with min. support, sucks her hands, grabs her feet, and now interacts with/plays with toys! She holds on to her lamb and talks to her and she is even able to grab her rattles without my assistance!! Such a proud mommy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I found my toes!!

Sophie found her toes for the first time the other night. I thought she was just being lazy and falling forward while I was holding her, but she kept reaching. She finally grabbed her piggly wigglies! She was so excited! She kept leaning forward to grab, then would sit up and start all over again.

She was even able to grab and blow bubbles at the same time. Now that's some talent!

I told you she likes T.V.

Here's the proof. Sophie and Daddy were watching football the other night and I couldn't even get her to look at me for a picture.

This is her newest face. She pouts her lips out and blows bubbles. I think she's trying to make a vibrating sound, but nothing but spit comes out.

And yes, those are cloth diapers.

Isn't she precious

Just wanted to share pictures of our cutie! We became members at church this past Sunday, so Sophie wanted to look her best. Her feet are finally big enough for shoes!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Football Season!

Sophie and I had a big weekend of football. Matt had a lot of studying to do, so we went to Weatherford Friday night for the Weatherford/Clinton game. Sophie had a good time and watched the game for the first quarter and slept through all the noise and commotion the second quarter. It got so cold that we left at half time. We stayed the night - our first time away from home! She did pretty well...still waking up twice a night. Saturday morning we left for Norman to do some tailgating and watch the game at Aunt Sloane's. I didn't figure Sophie would be up for an OU game quite yet.

Sophie and Uncle Sutton after her first football game.
She's holding on for dear-life.

Boomer Sooner...her first tailgating experience

Watching the game at Sloane's. She was glued to the game.

She even skipped a nap so she could watch it!

Getting some playtime in at half-time.

Is it bad that she loves to watch T.V.???

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Sophie's grandma and grandpa Swift and Aunt Ella came to visit over Labor Day weekend. In honor of them, as well as the Hogs playing their first game Saturday, Sophie wore her new Razorback outfit (courtesy of Emily Swain!!).

I think she's saying "WWWOOOOOO"

just a little ticklish

Sophie with Grandma and Grandpa

Sophie and Aunt Ella

We had a nice, relaxing weekend with Matt's family. We ate a lot and just spent time playing with Sophie. She was such a good girl all weekend!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sophie Crapper

I gave Sophie the name Sophie Crapper (you have to say it with an Irish accent - Crrrappa) a few weeks after she was born. She's good at filling her diaper to the max with one push. Every time I change a poopy diaper I call her Sophie Crapper and she just grins and grins! So, she lived up to her name this weekend. She was sitting on my lap and doing her business when Matt freaks out and yells, "she crapping all over the place". He scooped her up and ran straight to the bathroom without taking a breath! It's not real funny when you read it, but if you know the kind of terror Matt has of poop and the expression on his face when he said it, you'd be cracking up! He said it looked like a gun shot wound - you know how the bleeding starts small and gradually oozes out in all directions. He said it was a small yellow-brown spot and it eventually (over a 3 second period) spread out to this.

She's pretty proud of herself!
Matt was a good daddy and cleaned her up and even got poop on his arm and finger and didn't completely stroke out. He's getting the hang of things and it's so much fun to watch him with her!