Wednesday, October 21, 2009

16 months

She still won't sit still for a picture, so once again, this was the best of the bunch. She's a busy body! Even with snotty nose and runny eyes - thanks Oklahoma allergies! And this is what Daddy picked out for her to wear - isn't it lovely. At least she has a bow in her hair!! He stayed at home with her this morning while I worked for a few hours. He said she LOVED playing in the backyard independently!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sittie and Giddie's

This past week Sophie and I made the trip to Clinton to spend time with Sittie and Giddie. We cooked a little, ate a lot, and made some fun memories! This was the first time Sophie really played with them and boy, did they get a kick out of it!Sophie loved Giddie's glasses...
Can't you tell?!
Giving Sittie a "high-five" for climbing up on the couch.

She backed herself up to the chair and sat down. This is the booster seat all of us grew up using. Still in good quality, minus all the safety regulations.

Getting her hair did with Giddo.
I just love this picture.
She was so proud of herself. This is the first time/couch she has been able to master with her climbing skills. Don't you love the red!! Boomer!!

On her way to giving Giddie a big smooch.
Take that raccoon. She could actually carry that thing around. It's taller and heavier than her!

Sophie's life lately

With the whole world being sick, we haven't done much lately as to avoid the plagues. So, here are some pictures of what this silly little monkey has been up to. We enjoyed some time at the zoo with April, Grayson & Graham, Tosha & Lainey, and Roxie & Graham. I have to say, Sophie was the fussiest that day, but I guess everyone has an off day sometimes. She did enjoy the gorillas and acting like a "big" kid.

Here she is helping daddy water the new grass seeds.

Just being a goofball - trying to get us to laugh at her. It isn't hard!

Enjoying a warm marshmallow. She loved it!