Sunday, August 30, 2009

14 months old and BUSY!

My sweet girl turned 14 months old on the 20th and she is interested in everything! This is such a fun age, and she is learning so much. She understands almost all of my verbal instructions and is getting a little better at verbally communicating as well. She is able to make noises if I say "What does the duck say"...kak kak; doggy - arf arf; bird - weet weet; horse - naaaayyyy; bunny - she 'tries' to hop and makes some funny noise; monkey - ew ew ew ah ah ah. She's too funny! Here she's modeling her anklet. Pretty stylish.
She's started coloring with markers, but she'd rather just take the lids off and on and draw on herself. Yes, they are washable. And chalk - she just wants to see how many pieces she can carry at a time.

The Hydro Fair. We were pretty disappointed this year. Supposedly the train derailed 3 times, so it was shut down. And then we were standing in line for the carousel and it broke down. So, she rode the old-fashion cars. She had a blast with daddy.
You know it's an old fair when all of the rides are held together by 4x4s. Yikes.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Latest

Just some fun pictures of what Miss Priss has been up to lately. She loves jewelry; her new favorite thing is to put any piece of jewelry on her ankle. Necklace, bracelet, ring, earing - either dangle or stud - goes on her foot and/or ankle. It's quite interesting to sit and watch. She also is extremely independent and enjoys feeding herself. I think I have my work cut out for me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think I've finally recovered from the big, huge week of getting ready for the wedding, and then it all being over far too soon! We had such a wonderful time and it went so smooth. There wasn't one problem! How does that happen with 2 weddings back-to-back???Skye's rehearsal...just so you can get a look at the what the ceremony kind of looked like.
Sophie practicing riding down the aisle

Sloane's rehearsal

Beautiful sisters

I had to join in

and so did mom.

The getaway car!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sperle

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Markwardt

First dances

Dancing with Giddie - our 89 year old grandpa

He pushed Sloane to the side to dance with his 86 year old bride!!

Sophie got in on some dancin'!

Cake cutting

Yeap, they both had their own cakes, and Darren had a YUMMY chocolate cake and Ethan had wonderful cupcakes!

Dancing!!! We danced for 3.5 hours straight! My feet hurt worse than HS basketball practice!