Monday, December 21, 2009

18 months!!

I can't believe it, can you?? She's such a big girl! We went to the Dr. this morning and it was awful!! Sophie screamed as soon as he walked in the door and didn't stop until he left. We didn't even do shots! He said everything looks good; she's 31 1/2" (50 %), 22.8# (25%), and head circumference is in the 95%! I have a prissy, petite girl with a noggin!
Miss Independent likes to do thing her way.

I.E. yogurt all over her dress from feeding herself and screaming when I tried to help.

We had a 1 1/2 year celebration with s'mores. And I quote Sophie, "MMMMM".

Ready for Christmas

Sophie helped me decorate gingerbread cookies the other day. She quit helping after the first bite of sugary goodness.

We also like to spend a lot of time in our pajamas...

Like Da da

Sophie grabbed Da da's hat the other day and jumped on her car. She's turned in to a BIGTIME daddy's girl recently. Actually, it's Ga ga's girl. She's having a hard time with "d"s, but I don't think Ga ga minds one bit!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy morning

A few days ago Sophie experienced a busier morning than usual...which is pretty hard to do. She's on the move all the time unless she's sleeping. Anyway, her friend Naomi was over for a visit and Sophie wanted to preach the Word. Naomi loved it! She laid there and smiled and cooed at Sophie while she flipped through the pages of her Bible and jibber-jabbered. It was one of the cutest moments of Sophie's life. Then, she placed her babies on the chair and preached to them.
They were such a good audience. After that, she built a tower. The tallest she's ever built. It was pretty impressive.
Another first for the day was smiling when I would say "smile". She did it several times and thought it was quite funny. This was one of the most authentic smiles she had. Isn't she a doll!!

A "sweet" time in Arkansas

We spent a few days in Arkansas with Matt's family for Thanksgiving. While we were there Sophie was able to indulge in a few new things. Cream cheese frosting from our birthday carrot cake. She only stuck her finger in it 4 times.
We were working on "turkey" cookies for Thanksgiving. I couldn't even get the M&Ms on for eyes without Sophie snatching them. She also loved the feathers...

We made a purchase before we left for the 8 hour drive. Sophie was able to watch her Praise Baby on the drive, and it was such a nice time. No screaming or yelling or trying to get out of her car seat or headache. It was sweet!!! The funny thing about the pictures is that she's wearing her daddy's boxers. She thought she was something else!

Sophie also had her first taste of hot chocolate. It was more like luke-warm, but she loved it!