Monday, April 12, 2010

Funny Girl

She cracks me up! Look at her with her purse, baby, and blackberry. Oh, don't forget the jellys! She wanted to wear a hat like daddy to keep her hair out of her face.
The girl won't sit still long enough for me to snap her "21 month" pic.

She was more sedentary at 20 months! And freakin' cute!

Dallas Arboretum

We took a quick trip to Dallas a couple of weeks ago to see Matt's family. We spent the day at the Dallas Arboretum and it was beautiful!
They had some cute little western houses, post office, church, etc. set up for kids to play in. Sophie got a kick out of it. She also enjoyed her pinwheel!

The tulips were going crazy. These might be my favorite!

After and Before

This blogger thing really drives me crazy sometimes. Part of the reason I'm just now posting things is that I tried a few weeks ago and it wouldn't load any pictures. Then the next time I tried it only loaded 2 of the 8 I tried. So, I got frustrated and gave up. Now I'm working on this post and my pictures are loaded in reverse order of what they have always done. AAHHH. So, here is our new kitchen!
We hadn't sealed the grout/tile yet, which made it a little darker and shiney-er(?). The grey is almost black now from the seal.
We did the demolition...I guess I should say Matt did it and I helped! We also laid all the tile - we're pretty handy.
And here is the before. When we moved in there was wallpaper on the kitchen walls. It was a bunch of cacti and horrible. So I picked this burnt orange color to match the tile. Matt said it burnt his cornea, so he begged me to change it. I had never noticed it being so horrible until I see it next to the new color!

And I'm sure Matt would appreciate me telling you all that there are no more "cocks" in the kitchen. He hates do my brother-in-laws!