Tuesday, September 22, 2009

15 months

Is she really old enough to be wearing my heels?? It seem like just last week Sutton (yes, my brother) was wearing my mom's heels and we were putting make-up on him! I don't think it left any type of emotional scars. Anyway, all that to say, my baby girl is 15 months old, strong, and healthy! She's 30 in. long (or short) and weighs 21 lbs. The thing I'm most proud of is her head circumference - in the 95th percentile!! I knew she was smart!
And she's all over creation!!!

That time of year again

The Great State Fair of Oklahoma!!These 2 pictures just crack me up! It's like she knew exactly what was going on.
Telling the chickens to come here

Quality time with the bunny. She didn't try to gash an eye out or pull an ear. I was impressed.
We had fun eating grease and people watching. Oklahomans can sure be interesting people. Thanks State Fair!

One last splash!

We've left the pool out this past month, mainly because we are lazy, and it has collected a lot of rain. But Sophie sure doesn't mind.
She doesn't mind getting soaked, either.

i just love kissing those cheeks!..and nose, and forehead, and lips, and chin...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Sophie got to experience her first OU game Saturday. Matt and I sat through the first half in the rain, while Miss Priss enjoyed the luxurious box seats with Momma Jo and Giddie. Real fair. She had prime rib, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake and ice cream. Can you tell I'm a little jealous? But isn't she just adorable?!!

Labor Day visit

Matt's parents came to town for a long weekend visit. Sophie had lots of fun with them and was well entertained!
We made a trip to the zoo and Sophie had a blast with the peacocks! They just stood there and let her get very close.

Then they started chasing her!

Posing on the turtle

Her favorite animal is the monkey!

Trying on Aunt Ella's shoes.
Fun pictures for possible Swift Christmas cards...

What's up, G?

Too funny not to share.