Saturday, February 27, 2010

LATE!! But it's something...right??!

Well, Christmas has come and gone, along with New Year's, MLK, President's Day, Valentine's Day...
And I'm just now getting around to posting pictures. I'm such a slacker. So, brace yourself. There are a lot of pictures. And, of course they are in no order - sometimes I get so frustrated with the blogger thing - it won't let me upload more than 5 at a time and it's in backwards order and blah, blah, blah. So, you see my frustration and why I sometimes protest and wait days (or months) to blog??
Here is the how Christmas ended - Sophie wearing a new hoodie, talking on her phone and pushing Baby in his/her stroller.Matt's family came for a couple of days after Christmas. Sophie got a new, noisy phone, among other fun things. Like, chocolate!

In case you forgot, it snowed a bajillion inches in Oklahoma on Christmas Eve. It stayed on our yard for about 2 weeks!

These pictures are from Clinton with my dad's family.
She loves the camera

and holding babies.
These are from Christmas Day at my parent's house. Soph got a "real-life"baby. It cries and eats and sucks a pacifier. Thank Goodness it doesn't poop.

new shoes!

Sophie helped me decorate a Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Our family Christmas picture

"Helping" me decorate gingerbread cookies
We had our friends Lauren and Min-Jung over for a "friend Christmas". They are getting their Masters at OCU. They had a lot of fun opening gifts from some of our friends.
Santa came!!
Baby doll stroller and farm puzzle.

Sophie made dada a mug
She had a fun time and we are so blessed with lots of family to spend the holidays with!

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emily said...

caleb will be so excited to have some new "bopie" pictures to look at on the computer! :)